In today’s harsh economic climate, council run care homes are hard pressed to provide stimulating and enjoyable daily experiences for their residents.  Visiting entertainers, pet shows, creative crafts specialists, etc, are not easily financed and managers struggle to fundraise for these activities. 

We are a growing voluntary group of relatives and friends of current and past residents cared for in the home who wish to improve the lives of the residents in the home by providing a rich mixture of new and stimulating experiences beyond simply watching a TV or listening to a radio.


We want to enhance the well-being of the residents by purchasing specialised equipment and services that we could not reasonably expect the service provider to supply.  These resources will support the home’s lifestyle team to become far more effective in their daily roles.  Additionally, we want to act as a supportive channel for carers and relatives allowing them to share experiences and talk to others who are or have been in the same position.