26th May 2022

Following the success of the darts evening, we came together again at the Fawcett Inn to participate in, and be the beneficiaries of, the pub's regular quiz night. The kindness of strangers never ceases to

amaze me. Not only did the pub offer to host an evening for us but the locals agreed to their regular entry charge being doubled from£1 ot £2 with the Friends getting the extra pound from each entry. We were also able to run a raffle for the evening and decided to apply the same principles, so that 1/2 the sales would be distributed to the first 3 tickets drawn and the balance coming to the Friends. In my head, I had a figure just shy of £100 being a "good night".

The evening also showed what a small world it is that we live in. One of the other team members (Frank) knew the home, having delivered mail there for a few years when it first opened and the table behind ours knew a previous resident.

The quiz got away with 3 rounds accompanied by a picture quiz and a "what word is this describing?" sheet (It helps if you read the full instructions.....) At the break, we sold our raffle tickets and there was a really good take up. Part 2 of the quiz had another 3 rounds, including a really tricky round of 10 second song intros being played backwards! 

There was a clear winner (not a team of Friends) but there wasn't a lot in it and we had a great time.

When it came to draw the raffle, once again, the generosity of the locals was so touching. All the winners declined their cash prizes, instead giving it back to the Friends. Then to have the quiz winners making the same gesture and donating their prize to us too, our "good night" target of £100 was doubled to just over £200. But, it didn't stop there as a tap on the shoulder from Jodie resulted in a donation of £100 from one of the other pub regulars. So, overall, we made £305.90 which was well above our expectations.

Our thanks and best wishes go to all those that were there and made it such a positive evening for the Friends, and to Mr Neal Dickens, who made that wonderful gesture of £100.

To the locals and staff of the Fawcett Inn... you are wonderful people.


1st March 2022

It was more than 800 days since our last fundraiser, but Friday 25th February saw us in action again at the Fawcett Inn. A full "match report" is available to read by clicking the pdf link below.

In summary, we raised £294 for the event, which, for our first event in over 2 years, was above our expectations. Thanks to everyone who took part.








21st February 2022

A huge thank you goes to a family who made a donation of £250 as they would be unable to make the darts evening. The reason, in their own words:- "My Father William Ash is a resident at Harry Sotnick house and we are so appreciative of the wonderful care and support all members of staff and volunteers give ...." We are so grateful for the funds and we hope that the family will be able to join us at a future event.

Southsea Golf Club 2021

2021 wasn’t really a very active year for the Friends. But, there was one event of note that we have to recognise and better late than never to make it public.

So, a big “thank you” to Southsea Golf Club who once again made us the nominated recipient of the proceeds from their Ladies Day tournament in July. Once again Wendy and the team did us proud: having raised over £300 for us last year, they topped that with a donation of £502.70 at the July event, bringing the total to over £800 in the past 2 years.

Unable to raise funds in our usual way, these donations have been a real fillip. We haven’t sat on our hands either; we’ve already spent it!

The Summer Fayre, organised by the Home itself, had, for Covid reasons, to be held wholly outside and this identified a need for those who use a wheelchair. The existing garden furniture was limited and any wheelchair using resident wasn’t able to easily sit at a table with their family; instead they had to either be positioned looking away from the others because of the table legs, or too far away from the table to be able to reach anything. As a result, we have purchased 2 off 4 seater picnic tables with an extended end that allows a wheelchair to be brought right up to the table enabling the user to be fully engaged in the get-together. And to help with longevity, they are made from 100% recycled plastic having a 25 year+ lifespan and no maintenance.

Thank you again to Southsea Golf Club!

​Donation Received:

Our thanks go to the family of Ken Silvester who have kindly donated a cheque for £1000. Sadly, Ken passed in 2020 having been part of Harry's family for more than 3 years. He was an avid railway enthusiast and his sister remembers how the Activities team made Ken's day when his "wish" came true with a trip on the Watercress Line. We are grateful for the kind gesture and will make sure we use it wisely in line with the family's wishes.

Donation Received:

Earlier in the year the Friends were remembered by the family of a former resident, John Perry. We have subsequently received a £50 donation from Mr. R Fiddler, who purchased some sailing items from John's old workshop, and at the request for the family, we were presented with a cheque for the amount.

Thanks go to Mr Fiddler and John's family.


Southsea Golf Club:

A big thank you goes to Southsea Golf Club, specifically the ladies Captain, Wendy Booth, who kindly selected the Friends as her chosen charity for the competion day held on the 21st August. The Chairman and Treasurer attended the day and met a number of participants and had the chance to talk for a few minutes about what the Friends are all about.

We have subsequently received a donation of £310.00 which we will use towards our plan for the Railway Cafe.

Wendy, as an ex-carer at a City carehome, was looking for a local group that would use any monies raised to make an impact on the lives of local people.

Donation Received:

A while ago, we sadly lost Marie Douglas who had lived at the home for a number of years. We would like to thank Phil, Liz and John for their very kind thoughts at such a sad time. Their donation of £1000 will be a great help in getting us on the road to securing enough for our next project, which of course, is currently in abeyance during the Covid-19 situation.


Donation Received:

He may only have been with us for a short while, but John Perry enjoyed his time at Harry Sotnick House and to reflect that, the family kindly nominated the Friends and the Lifestyle Team as joint benefactors of any donations taken from mourners and friends at John's funeral in October. We have received £230 from the funeral director and this will be shared with Val and the activities team.

We are grateful to Sue and the rest of the family for their generosity at what must have been a difficult time.

Darts Social: 1st November 2019:

Wow! What a great night we had at the Fawcett Inn on the 1st November. The evening represented a first on a number of fronts. First time we had ventured so far from the Home; first time where we were using a game as a theme for a social evening and the first time we hadn't had to supply food and drink. A full "match report" is available on the link below, but it is fair to say that we will be looking to run such an evening again as it was full of fun, laughter, banter and participation. But at the end of the day, the purpose was to raise funds for the "Friends" and this was our most successful night to date, with just over £370 being added to our coffers. So a huge thank you to those that came along to support us on the evening ( we had 40 at the peak) and to the staff of the Fawcett Inn who made us very welcome and treated us as if we had been regulars for years.

Portsmouth City Council:

A while ago, we made an application to the PCC Community Fund to acquire additional wireless headphones to go with the new AV systems. We are really pleased to confirm that we have been successful and £483 was transferred to our account. This has now been spent on 7 new headphone sets which have allowed us to expand the capability we have in the Garden Lounge, to two further areas such that we will have 3 AV systems each driving a number of headphones. This will help those that are hard of hearing, (or find it difficult it differentiate between an audio and the background noise) to enjoy a film or a concert to its full. This has already had an impact. At a recent lunch, a gentleman resident was emotionally affected (in a happy way) by the ability to listen to Glen Campbell with no external distractions. It is a wonderful thing to see how music touches those deeper emotional memories.

Lottery Community Fund:

As at the end of September, it is great to be able to tell you that we now have all 5 new systems up and running and in situ around the home. The large units have both been installed on the ground floor, meaning that all 3 lounges here now have a large AV system in play. The smaller ones are in different locations on different days around the home. We are looking to encourage staff to think about deploying one of these to any "residents of the day" that happen to be room based, with a focus on their interests to help stimulate them. At the moment, the first floor only has one operational lounge and that too has a large system, so there is no disadvantage to a resident being up or down.


Lottery Community Fund:

We are excited to have been successful in our recent bid and have been awarded some £4,400 towards enhancing the audio-visual experiences that we can provide to the residents. We have reviewed our original list of items and whilst some items have been replaced by newer models and some gone up in price we are still able to fully meet our bid goal of providing 2 extra large screen systems and 3 new portable (room based) systems. These will now be ordered and we we will be able to provide an update at our next meeting on the 9th August.

Barbecue 5th July 2019:

What wonderful support we had on the evening; over 50 staff, relatives, friends and families turned up and we had a great evening. We were a bit nervous as this was our first foray into an event that was food rather than activity based, but it went off as well as we could have hoped. A huge thank you goes to Jayne and Martin who stoicly cooked for the whole evening and for bringing along their barbecue sets for us to use. The good news was that we didn't run out of food: in fact we overdid it a bit on the chicken thighs but nothing has gone to waste. We will get a final tally, but at this point it looks like we have made over £300 on the evening, so thank you to everyone who took part. 

For those that couldn't make it (and if you were there) pictures are available in the "photos" drop down on the menu line.

Christmas Fundraiser

7th December 2018 at Brent Court

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Christmas Fundraiser:

We were joined on this occasion by 7 residents of Brent Court who got whole-heartedly involved and helped make it a real fun evening.

Most importantly we raised the magnificent total of: £258.53

A fabulous amount, making it our most successful event to date.

Gardening Update:

What a successful week we’ve had with regard to the courtyard gardens. On Monday 22nd we got a working party together (Thanks to Jayne and Mike) and cleared all the beds in the Eastern courtyard...and there was a lot to clear..   Sustenance helped of course, so full marks to Heidi for providing bacon butties..


On Sunday, we had another group of Friends who managed to plant some 366 bulbs in 2 of the beds and we all now wait for the Spring to see the explosion of colour. We had such a great run, we carried on and cleared all the beds in the Western courtyard. Thanks go to Carin, Julie, Mal, Lynne, Stacey, Chloe and Andy.  There will be some sore backs on Monday!


This now means we now have (on the Eastern side) 2 beds of bulbs, 1 of strawberries and the last one filled with wallflowers. We should have a real show for the residents to enjoy in the sun of 2019.

We now need to decide what to do with the beds in the Western courtyard... keep your trowels ready.

Thanks again to everyone who took part.

Special Thanks!

On Friday last, 12th October, the Friends of Harry Sotnick House received a donation of £300.00, paid in anonymously at the Portsmouth branch of HSBC. This is an amazing gift and, whoever it was, we hope that you get to read this so that you will see that we recognise your generosity and wish to thank you for the donation. We agreed at the AGM to purchase lots of spring bulbs to make the courtyard gardens a brighter place to look at and to sit in come the spring. Such kind donations permit us to make Harry Sotnick House a more cheerful, stimulating, and pleasant environment for its many special residents. Thank you again.


Mobile Media Centres

You will be pleased to know that two portable media centres purchased by the Friends have now been installed in the home.  The units comprise large high definition trolley based TVs with built-on computers and protective screens that provide audio-visual entertainment for residents customised to their needs.  The home’s lifestyle team have use of this equipment every day to the benefit of all residents. We have also created a 3rd mobile unit, (utilising one of the home's existing TVs) which means that we can take a media centre directly into the room of a resident who may not be able to join others in a lounge area, allowing them to have a person-centred audio/visual experience.

We have also now purchased 3 wireless headphone sets, as a trial. These can be linked to any one of the media centres; this means that those that are either hard of hearing or unable to distinguish the sound of a film/music from the other background noise can fully immerse themselves in the entertainment the same way as those that don't require any aids.

Early results have shown that these are a truly worthwhile purchase. We have seen residents that, previously, would not have got any stimulation from the entertainment, now smiling or even singing along as they can listen without the previous barriers.